The heart of the home, the arthouse kitchen is spacious and sunny, south-facing windows looking out on the mountain, valley and greenery below. There are retro tiles all around the walls, and a beautiful vaulted ceiling.

The kitchen is entered directly from the shared corridor by a set of simple double doors. From the kitchen you have the small sun room and bathroom, the chapel bedroom. At the back of the kitchen there is a larder and spectacular stucco arch with cherub angel, vines and floral forms – below this is a window up into the sanctuary room (behind the Buddha statue in the photos).

In the main kitchen space there’s a simple 4-ring gas cooker with oven, which works from a gas bottle (the town has recently had gas infrastructure put in, so mains gas will be a future option) – very economical. There’s also a lovely retro ceramic sink.

I recently removed the fireplace in the corner (you can see it in an above image, next to the Boschetti water heater/ stove, which was also removed), and now there’s a lovely corner seat and shelf.

the new corner seat, where the fireplace and stove previously were

There is fitted shelving in the corner of the kitchen by the sink. There’s a work surface with herb-jar shelves above it. And a big table with four chairs.

The smaller section in the back of the kitchen leads down into the cantina and lower rooms. It has a small wood stove which heats the kitchen in winter, and there’s an alcove with a metal grille window behind the stove, which allows warm air to heat the chapel bedroom.

The high-speed wifi (in the master bedroom) has a strong signal at the kitchen table; it’s a fantastic place to sit and work, looking out over the panorama. By the kitchen entrance there are coat-hooks, and the intercom for the main front door.