The chapel bedroom is a magnificent space, with vaulted ceilings, arch and stucco detail, and elegant floor tiles. It hosts a queen-sized bed – in the space where the chapel used to be – and a large wooden set of drawers, as well as a built-in alcove cupboard by the bed.

It is a wonderfully cool room in the heat of summer, as are all the rooms in the arthouse, if you open and close windows and inner doors at the right times.

to the lower left is the vent which brings in warm air
from the stove in the back of the kitchen

In the winter, the room can be heated by the kitchen stove via a recently installed vent/ window where the old confessional used to be. The curtains under the arch provide additional midwinter cosiness and/ or summer coolness.

The room is also south-facing with a balcony (partial-panoramic) which has planters, drying lines, and a grape-vine growing up over it. It is very tranquil room, and has a particularly special vibe: over the 8 years that I ran both a highly-successful B&B and art residencies, this room got consistently 5-star reviews (I was a long-standing Super Host on Airbnb).