master bedroom

The master bedroom or studio is the largest space in the house – a sunny haven, with large doors onto a panoramic balcony, and beautiful ambient sounds of nature – birdsong and the waterfall splashing…

*currently used as a painting studio*

This master bedroom is accessed directly from a shared entrance corridor, which makes it a good space for guests or a creative work space, rooms independent from the kitchen and bathroom side of the house.

The balcony is covered, with historical architectural details, and a quirky closed area up some marble and terracotta steps – so you can look out onto the spectacular view from a sheltered, private place.

This big bedroom also has two back rooms, which can house additional beds, or function as walk-in closet/ office/ meditation space/ recording space/ darkroom… They’re in under the ground, so very quiet!

The first back room has a raised platform – this is brilliant for a child’s bed with a ladder, or can be a perfect storage space – currently used for my art packaging: below is an older snapshot to give a clearer view of the vaulted ceiling.

the first room behind the master bedroom

The second back room has original medieval flooring – beautiful terracotta tiles in hexagon formations – and an ancient door with a massive old key. It also has niches, marble steps, and a lovely arch.

The back rooms are particularly peaceful, and cooler in summer – perfect for a day bed, for deep, healing sleep and/ or specialist studio.

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