gift economy

This is a video around selling a house non-transactionally!

I was led to this magical property in a mostly-abandoned medieval quarter in south Italy, by a series of quite astonishing coincidences and signs.

I’ve been here actively protagonisting and inspiring happy transformation for the past 11 yrs: now I’m moving on to a new beginning, as my energy is best spent fully immersed in the holistic transformative phase…

The community and economy in this town are already greatly boosted, and now the Arthouse is ready for a new spirit to be its guardian.

In the video I’m chatting about what it is to align with Gift and gift economy: gift economy is often mistakingly misinterpreted as ‘doing everything for free’ – but really that’s a very simplistic view of it!

Gift is unique to everyone: we all have a particular and inimitable view of what this gift of life is, and of what our gifts are, because we all have inimitable life purpose and a unique interconnected relationship with e v e r y t h i n g around us.

In my understanding, the gift economy is about the availability of things that people need and dream of, to everyone that needs and dreams of those things.

It’s not about making sure that everyone gets everything ‘gratis’, in my mind and heart it’s about making sure that in all the myriad inter-relating that we do – personally and remotely every day – we are A L L fulfilled, nourished, inspired, fairly rewarded and happy.

This is a big vision for humanity, that might seem impossible in our contemporary crumbling-capitalist state, but I believe it’s our natural state: being interconnected and caring for each other, RATHER THAN competing at all costs to ‘win the most’.

Please do share this video with anyone you know who has a deep dream of creative freedom and the beautiful Dolce Vita in Italy!

Huge love, Clare xx

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