The first bathroom and attached sun room, are on the balcony added in the 1970s. There are two sinks, a toilet and an open-plan shower, and cupboards around and above the bathroom sink. The door to the bathroom is a large painting, and the doors from the kitchen into the sun room are glass and wood.

These rooms are painted white all around: the big windows are aluminium and double-glazed. The bathroom part has funky 70s’ floor tiles, and there’s a lighted cupboard above the sink. A small frosted-glass window on the outside wall brings light into the bathroom and is practical for drying it out after a shower.

The big windows in the sun room bring the panoramic view into the kitchen. There are storm shutters (roll-down blinds) and glass doors between the sun room and the kitchen, but I’ve never used them. The water pressure is great.

The sun room has a sink too: a big old-style granite/ cement one, with a ribbed for scrubber board for old school washing; it’s a great sink for practical cleaning of art tools or veggies straight from the garden, e.g.